New Music

Emily Palen Image

Produced by Emily Palen
Photos by Jose A Guzman Colon
Background courtesy of NASA
Released 2011

The first time I heard an extended 528 hz tone I sobbed because my entire life's calling of music made sense.  I understood that what I fell in love with as a child, the deep, beautiful passion of Brahms and Beethoven and Stravinsky, was the actual tone of love.  I was in love with the vibration of love itself.  It was all real.   Audible.  Playable.  Translatable.  A wordless language of the infinite that pulled me into its powerful arms as a child, ever to carry me through my life.  I knew also that we were on our journey home.  

Home has often felt so far away, yet today I know home to be inside my own heart.  The zero point of my own heart is the magic we call love.  It is the key to all creation and the creation itself.  The end and the means.  The journey and the destination. 

528hz is to sound as sacred geometry and the golden mean is to form.  Love is a gentle and fiercely vigilant gatekeeper of its own miraculous powers.  Creations sourced from an energy point lower than love simply will be burned up in its magical flame, purified back into free energy.  It makes sense that we bet the keys, our magic powers only when we have a heart of divine love.  Those vast powers housed in a compromised heart can do much damage.  Thus, the powers we are to awaken from here on out on our journey are greater than we could ever imagine.  

Breathe In:Out is built around the toning of 528 hz.  Multiple octaves of 528 form a sphere in which I built my intention.  Breathe in and out, listen, be comforted and know that as all changes, shifts, reveals, accelerates and stalls, we are birthing our beautiful world.  These tools of love, the magic of 528 hz are the tools of the ancients as we are now the ancients born anew in the golden age.

This song is about standing in the strong silent fierce center of pure presence as the world of illusion falls from us.  As I lost grip on what I thought was real I was left with no certainty but our breathe.  This song was my witness, my way through.  I send this song to you to hold you in the same presence.  As the searing flame of truth burnt away everything of old within me, I could only breathe.    Its quiet rhythm sent a gentle cooling breeze across my cells, my soul as it transmuted the grief of my old life into the open, vulnerable and magnificent life of the new.  Together we are standing in steady stillness, awake presence and open vulnerability and we are rising like a phoenix.  Together we witness each other's rebirth, see the stunning beauty of each other, and hold each other in heart-healing tenderness.  We are coming home.  We stand and love as one.